About Kulture11

    Powered by K11, fueled by culture and creative energy, Kulture11 is a space for Kultural citizens and netizens.

    • Kulture Salon11: An influential cross-cultural open platform which connects creative industry insiders and the public through exchange of dialogues.
    • Movie11: Themed screenings of inspirational movies for culture and movie lovers alike.
    • musiK11: An eclectic and refreshing indie live music project to nurture our home-grown independent musicians.




    • Kulture Salon11:連接專業文化與藝術界人士和大眾的跨界交流平台,藉對話及交流來刺激我們對文化、創意和藝術的想像,推動本地多元文化發展。
    • Movie11:精選主題電影,跟文化及電影愛好者探索電影世界,以影像啟發創意、思考和共鳴。
    • musiK11:一個培養本地獨立樂隊及音樂人、推動本地獨立音樂的平台。