K11在2012年10月推出獨立音樂項目musiK11,以培養本地獨立樂隊及音樂人、推動本地獨立音樂為宗旨,為他們提供表演平台及公開演出機會, 免費提供演出場地及技術支援 。至目前為止,musiK11已為公眾獻上逾114場免費現場音樂表演。今年的主題更強調演出者及觀眾現場表演的互動和即興。



世界不完美,但我們不畏懼。這個周末,請來與林聰和the prototyke lab一起「樂」享盛夏,驅散暑氣。


日期:27 July 2019(星期六)

時間:4:00 – 5:30pm

地點:B2/F, K11

表演者:林聰, the Prototyke Lab





the prototyke lab

由本地音樂家主唱Vincy、鍵盤手Him Hui、低音結他手Jacky、結他手Nicky以及鼓手Panho組成,the prototyke lab樂隊成員來自截然不同的音樂背景,音樂風格揉合R&B、騷靈、爵士及流行音樂等元素。

Since its inception in 2012, musiK11 strives to support the development of the local indie music scene and serves as a platform to showcase our local talents as well as enable the public to enjoy quality music from Hong Kong. Until 2018,  we have hosted over 120 free live gigs for our community. 

About Being Bold and Fearless

Summer is a state of mind: it ignites our deepest desire for a vigorous sort of life while shedding shades with profound resignation, leaving us irresolute and confused. Thankfully, there’re still music, fashion and many more inspirations in the midst of all these sunny and rainy days. We keep searching until finally, a comforting thought arrives.


On the last Saturday of July, let’s celebrate the perfectly imperfect life with local musician Nichung, the prototyke lab and their bold performance.

Embrace summertime fearlessly!  


Date:27 July 2019(Sat)

Time:4:00 – 5:30pm

Venue:B2/F, K11

Line-up:Nichung, the Prototyke Lab



Nichung, an alternative singer-songwriter, recently released his first collaborative Cantonese rap single ‘Choi Sun Yeah’ with Kiri T as well as his debut album ‘Vital’. Employing diversified touches of music styles and lyrics, the rising talent dedicates himself to a soul-touching music journey.

the prototyke lab

Formed by vocalist Vincy Chan, keys Him Hui, bassist Jacky Man, guitarist Nicky Tong and drummer Panho Tim, the prototyke lab excels at dodging the question ‘what kind of music do you play?’ The members’ diverse backgrounds and influences allow them to experiment with a new musical dialect that fuses R&B, Soul, Jazz and Pop.