K11在2012年10月推出獨立音樂項目musiK11,以培養本地獨立樂隊及音樂人、推動本地獨立音樂為宗旨,為他們提供表演平台及公開演出機會, 免費提供演出場地及技術支援 。至目前為止,musiK11已為公眾獻上逾114場免費現場音樂表演。今年的主題更強調演出者及觀眾現場表演的互動和即興。

The Merrymakers 搖擺系

2018年,musiK11最後一擊,邀你齊來盡情搖擺!這個聖誕,帶著新作品回歸的Franklin Telescope與擅長靈魂樂風的Clave,把Funk、Jazz、Soul、Pop等多種風格自由融合,誓要你無壓力感受音樂!

日期: 2018年12月22日 (星期六)

時間 : 4:00 – 5:30pm

地點 : K11露天廣場

表演者: Franklin Telescope、Clave

Here comes the final performance of musicK11 in 2018! Great music and good vibes ONLY! With Christmas around the corner, let’s celebrate the free-spirited attitude with the merriest melodies!

Date: 22 December 2018 (Sat)

Time: 4:00 – 5:30pm

Venue:  K11 Piazza

Line Up: Franklin Telescope、Clave

Franklin Telescope

成立於2014年,由Kenneth(主音)、Yin(結他)、Kingston (琴鍵) 、Kuro (低音結他) 、Wilson (鼓)5人組成。受Acid-jazz、Jazz、Neo-soul、Funk等音樂影響,風格多變而富感染力。



Franklin Telescope

With Kenneth, Yin, Kingston, Kuro and Wilson as core members, the Hong Kong-based band was founded in 2014. Inspired by acid-jazz, neo-soul and funk style, their music brims with dynamic and infectious enthusiasm.


Founded in 2015, Clave creates their own kind of music on a  dynamic and flexible pattern. Highly influenced by neo-soul, R&B, funk and pop style, the band hopes to deliver the ideal  hits and melodies to their audience.