K11在2012年10月推出獨立音樂項目musiK11,以培養本地獨立樂隊及音樂人、推動本地獨立音樂為宗旨,為他們提供表演平台及公開演出機會, 免費提供演出場地及技術支援 。至目前為止,musiK11已為公眾獻上逾114場免費現場音樂表演。今年的主題更強調演出者及觀眾現場表演的互動和即興。

musiK11 Aug


日期:31 August 2019

時間:4:00 – 5:30pm

地點:B2/F, K11

表演者:MUKZI & THE ISLAND, per se

有一種美,不疾不徐、不花不假。本地樂隊木子MUKZI & 島嶼樂隊 THE ISLAND與詩式流行二人組合per se,以生活大小故事為題材,譜出情感真摯的動聽樂曲,多變旋律總能在多種曲風中找到平衡點,牢牢抓住你的耳朵。在充斥倦怠感的現代生活,他們希望用音樂激發感性與想像,向眾人展現他們的音樂世界中最真實、最原本的美。


香港唱作人木子MUKZI涉獵聲音指導、電影配樂等不同領域,於2018年與友人組成島嶼樂隊THE ISLAND,成員有鼓手蕉、結他手遜、貝斯手威及鍵盤手Jonathan。其音樂風格涵蓋民謠與R&B,動人旋律交織著清澈的歌聲與真摯的感情,徐徐流淌進你心扉。

per se

per se由Stephen Mok和Sandy Ip兩位音樂創作人所組成。「per se」一詞解作「就其本身而言」,喻意二人讓他們的原創音樂自我解釋,而且不受風格或曲風所界限。二人今年推出一個關於時間的概念計劃《Ripples, reflections and everything in between》,敘述在不同歷史背景下,每個人不同的價值觀。

In Search of Intrinsic Beauty

Date:31 August 2019

Time:4:00 – 5:30pm

Venue:B2/F, K11

Line-up:MUKZI & THE ISLAND, per se

Fashion is acquired, but beauty is intrinsic. Inspired by everything big and small in life, local band MUKZI & THE ISLAND and poetic pop music duo per se are here to take you on a music journey with their diverse melodic creations. Hoping to evoke sentiment and imagination, these music artists will show you the intrinsic beauty of their worlds.


Local singer-songwriter MUKZI is well versed in vocal coaching, film scoring and more. He formed the band THE ISLAND in 2018 with Xavier on drums, Kashun on guitar, Wai on bass and Jonathan on Keyboards. Dabbling in folk and R&B, his music is filled with genuine emotions and crisp freshness throughout. The lively energy from their music is sure to capture your heart.

per se

per se is a music duo of two young talents: Stephen Mok and Sandy Ip. With its name meaning ‘intrinsically’ or ‘in itself’, per se lets their genre- and style-transcending music speak for itself. This year, per se has started a new music project Ripples, reflections and everything in between. Inspired by historical events, the project discusses the differences in values across different times.