K11在2012年10月推出獨立音樂項目musiK11,以培養本地獨立樂隊及音樂人、推動本地獨立音樂為宗旨,為他們提供表演平台及公開演出機會, 免費提供演出場地及技術支援 。至目前為止,musiK11已為公眾獻上逾114場免費現場音樂表演。今年的主題更強調演出者及觀眾現場表演的互動和即興。

musiK11 × EUNOIA

ME TIME: ME Concert

這世代,「沒有歌 怎敢說心事」?獨自沉澱的時刻,開啟單曲循環播放模式,於社交媒體上憑歌寄意,每字每句,仿佛都在說著自己的故事,擲地有聲。


Sound ON, Speak OUT!

日期:27 April 2019 (星期六)

時間:3:00 – 6:00pm

地點:K11 露天廣場(G/F)

表演者:Dusty Bottle、黎曉陽、Nowhere Boys、陳蕾、Root Duo

關於EUNOIA by The Artisanal Movement
EUNOIA by The Artisanal Movement於2017年4月22日成立,是受文化企業家鄭志剛先生所啟發的千禧社群,秉持周遭事物均充滿熱情、想像、工藝、歷史與現代焦點的信念,以匠心開拓不同藝術活動的連接,建立我們的文化社區,與千禧一代共同探索身邊的美好事物,引領一趟更豐富的人生旅程。EUNOIA 意思為Beautiful Thinker - 我們深信美麗的思想、事物是一道與不同階層溝通接軌的橋樑。

musiK11 × EUNOIA

ME TIME: ME Concert

Have you ever played a song in an infinite loop? Which lyrics hit you right in the feels? Tomorrows may be unpredictable, but the inspirational music that keeps us motivated is a sure thing!

This April, musiK11 is going to immerse you in a music fever that will beautifully nourish your heart and soul. Let’s celebrate early summer with full passion and enjoy a wonderfully melodic ‘me time’!

Sound ON, Speak OUT!

Date:27 April 2019 (Sat)

Time:3:00 – 6:00pm

Venue:K11 Piazza (G/F)

Line-up:Dusty Bottle, Michael Lai, Nowhere Boys, Panther Chen, Root Duo

About EUNOIA by The Artisanal Movement

Launched in April 2017, EUNOIA by The Artisanal Movement is a culture community for millennials inspired by Mr. Adrian Cheng’s vision.

EUNOIA as in the meaning of beautiful thinker in Greek, wishes to gather a group of youth to share beautiful stories and experiences. We believe everything happens around us has a beautiful story within, a story with passion, imagination, craftsmanship, heritage and contemporary focus.

We embark a journey of expanding one’s imagination, not only limited to design and aesthetics, but also amassing a modern living culture through our persistence in delivering bespoke craftsmanship manifested by originality.

Through artisanal engagements, inspirational sharing and connections, we covet to enrich our self-being together as a collective. At the same time, we would penetrate Mr. Adrian Cheng’s vision as a cultural entrepreneur and diffuse the spirit of The Artisanal Movement.