K11在2012年10月推出獨立音樂項目musiK11,以培養本地獨立樂隊及音樂人、推動本地獨立音樂為宗旨,為他們提供表演平台及公開演出機會, 免費提供演出場地及技術支援 。至目前為止,musiK11已為公眾獻上逾114場免費現場音樂表演。今年的主題更強調演出者及觀眾現場表演的互動和即興。

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暑意漸退的九月遇上最溫柔詩意音樂,per se與SoundTube用溫柔、好玩的音樂治癒樂迷,讓每個音符、歌詞帶領你傾聽內心的聲音。


時間:4:00pm – 5:30pm

地點:K11 B2層

表演者:per se、SoundTube


K11 將保留有關節目演出內容之最終決定權。

per se由Stephen Mok和Sandy Ip兩位音樂創作人所組成。per se一詞解作「就其本身而言」,意即他們的音樂可自我解釋,希望不以組合名稱來框著創作的風格和界限。2013年,per se推出了首張同名EP,其後於2016年誕生了第二張概念迷你專輯《Conundrum》,創作內容圍繞生命中不同的難題。近期,per se更為下一個大碟計劃 《ENDS》 project推出了首兩首廣東歌:《家變》和《親愛的幽靈》,探討不同的完結。

SoundTube於2014 年尾成立,兩位成員Iris Liu及 DipsyHA均畢業於香港演藝學院作曲系。他們組成的實驗流行音樂樂隊以「將聲音放進試管,研發新的音樂」為使命,音樂風格嚴肅、爵士及電子兼備,他們喜歡在樂曲中加入新鮮有趣的元素,如新穎的聲效、重新編曲,又或加入電子音樂元素。曲種有三文兩語的流行曲及經典爵士樂曲。2015 年,SoundTube以一曲《灣仔幽靈》奪得文藝復興基金會主辦之「潑墨泡樂—【他們在島嶼寫作II】歌曲徵集」優異獎。同年底,他們發佈首張專輯《TOCONNET》及舉行歌曲發佈音樂會。2017年,他們入圍搶耳音樂廠牌計劃最後六強,並參與於麥花臣場館舉行的搶耳音樂節。其後更獲邀到美國三藩市《Noise Pop Music Festival 2018》演出。歌手黃耀明先生曾在Facebook專頁說SoundTube的音樂是「Very interesting Canto Music」。


September – “The Romantic”

Date: 29 Sep 2018 (Sat)

Time: 4:00pm – 5:30pm

Venue: K11 B2/F

Performers: per se、SoundTube

Free of Charge 

Music duo per se comprises two young talents: Stephen Mok and Sandy Ip. “Per se” means intrinsic or “in itself”, which reflects their music being just music without the limitations and burdens of genre or style. They released their eponymous debut EP in 2013 and have since released several digital singles as well as a concept mini-album revolving around the puzzles of life named <Conundrum> in 2016. More recently, they released two Cantonese songs and are in preparation of their new project <ENDS>.

SoundTube was formed in 2014, by core members Iris Liu and Dipsy Ha who are both graduates from HKAPA with composition as their major. This experimental pop duet shoulders the mission to “blend different sounds into test tube and create innovative music”, and equipped themselves with sound backgrounds on serious, jazz and electronic music, which then became the signatures of their works.  SoundTube won their first kudos in 2015, when their song "Apparition of Wanchai" won the "A Song Worths A Thousand Words – The Inspired Island II Music Collection" music composition contest organized by Renaissance foundation. At the end of 2015, they released their first album To Connect> and held their solo concert. SoundTube also one of the six finalists selected to join the "Ear Up Music" record label and to perform at the "Ear Up Music Festival 2017" at MacPherson Stadium in January 2017. In February 2018, they will be invited to perform at the "Noise Pop Music Festival 2018" in San Francisco. They are currently working on their sophomore studio album. SoundTube performs both trilingual pop and jazz classics. Through SoundTube, familiar pop and jazz pieces are reinterpreted and injected with new energy and freshness. Be they new sound effects, rearrangement, or additions of electro music. Renowned music producers described SoundTube's music as Experimental Pop Music. SoundTube is actively writing more songs and will be performing in more gigs for their audiences in the future.

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